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    Dr. Tony has been freeing people from pain using the philosophy that a person's health is a result of diet, exercise and biomechanical joint alignment for a true "whole person approach". By combining more gentle and safe hands-on-techniques in combination with the latest in physiotherapy procedures, Dr. Tony is able to help you to accelerate and/or maintain your journey to good health and prevent future health problems. There are many types of chiropractors. Some are more like technicians whose only goal is finding subluxations with limited results. Dr. Tony prefers to be like a detective in figuring out why the body has pain or is reacting to a stress to the body. The typical patient of Dr. Tony has seen medical doctors, physical therapists, massage therapists and even older, well-established chiropractors who are set in their ways. Dr. Tony tries to think outside the box and incorporate the best in various types of therapy. Dr. Tony not only tries to incorporate modern techniques but also keeps the old philosophy where doctors were more like teachers and role models with emphasis on natural remedies and listen to the patient's needs. 

See a recent commentary about chiropractic treatment and some differences in treatment philosophies on Mercant Circle 1/24/2011.



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  • Bolivia Chiropractic Mission 2006 in Cochabamba, Bolivia

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