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  • Dr. Tsai is incredible knowledgeable of treating various muscle nerve pain. Our whole family including two children have seen Dr. Tsai for more than 4 years. Although we moved further from his office, we still come back to see him once a while because when you are 50, you get any sorts of pain easily. My children had various injuries from playing sports… READ MORE

    Show More - Sports Injuries, neck, shoulder, elbow & knee pain
  • I have hadheadaches and neck pain for years due to bad posture and herniated disc. Tried everything from Chiro to acupuncture etc. only one person was able to diagnose and fix my headache in just two sittings and that's Dr. Tsai. He figured out what muscle was pinching my nerve and causing tension headache. No cracking or anything forceful but just deep… READ MORE

    Show More - Chronic Headaches
  • We went to Dr. Anthony Tsai, DC. frustrated that after 8+ months of weekly physical therapy my son was still suffering from a chronic hamstring injury. Dr. Tsai was able to explain how physical therapy was not truly addressing the underlying issue, but just treating the symptoms. After our first session my son walked out of Dr. Tsai office with about a 50%… READ MORE

    Show More - Chronic Hamstring Pain
  • Dr Tsai is still my favorite chiropractor. And trust me, I have been to other chiropractor in between the years, but I naturally came back to Dr Tsai where he uses his Graston Technique. In between my last review, Dr Tsai fixed the pain on my left thumb and is fixing the… READ MORE

    - Thumb and Neck Pain
  • Dr. Tsai gets the job done right. He helped my knee pain, back pain, and my son's neck pain. All healed in one or two treatments. READ MORE

    - Knee, Low Back, Neck Pain
  • I started receiving treatments from Dr. Anthony Tsai for chiropractic care since September 2023 after a friend recommended him. After 3 months of consistent, once-a-week sessions, I can move my neck and shoulders like I haven't in years, pain-free. Before Dr. Tsai, turning my… READ MORE

    - Neck & Shoulder Pain
  • This man changed my life. I am a powerbuilder (powerlifter and body builder) who used to do 16 hours of Uber a day and have been in multiple car and motorcycle accidents. Dr. Tsai helped me turn my neck left again and get the pain out of my upper left back and lower right back. This also helped me in the gym. My numbers went up all while the lifting pains dwindled.. He is also a great chat while he takes every minute to work on you. I couldn't recommend him more. READ MORE

    Show More - Powerbuilder

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Michael Phelps Aug 2012 Details Magazine

Michael Phelps & Graston Technique in Details Magazine Aug 2012

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                Mattress, Pillow, Position Tips and Education
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                by Amy Werner of The Globe and Mail
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                Computer ergonomics: mouse & keyboard position, chair posture & breaks
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Increased physical activity increases prostate cancer survival rate
January 4, 2011: ABC7 KGO's Carolyn Tyler reports on Graston Technique used for
post-surgical breast cancer scarring & breast implant capsular contraction
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Swedish massage reduces stress hormones improving biological functions
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Updated Blog August 17:
Research validates benefits & cost efficacy of chiropractic verses other therapies
August 10, 2010: ABC7 KGO: reporter Carolyn Johnson and producer Tim Didion
                report on Graston Technique for chronic pain and tendonitis for athletes in May
August 2, 2010: Graston Technique news page updated but I still have to reconstruct the
                old news from scratch.
July 16, 2010: National Chiropractic Health Month coming in October. Join the fight.
                against obesity. National Chiropractic Health Month Articles feature tips on

If you need a very knowledgable personal trainer good with difficult cases, I highly recommend Aaron Ryan of Amity CrossFit in Palo Alto.
Updated Blog March 2: Chiropractic and the Winter Olympics
Updated Blog February 3: Connecticut Board finds no association between neck adjustments and strokes January 28, 2010: ACA: "Study expert validates chiropractic standard of care"                 
Found strokes from adjustments no greater than visits to medical doctors January 24, 2010: FAKTR-PM Certification Completed January 14, 2010: Graston Technique: Marc Heller article in Dynamic Chiropractic
Updated Blog January 11: Chiropractic neck adjustments & strokes debate January 10, 2010: Best of the Bay TV segment Sunday, at 3:30 pm on KRON 4 January 6, 2010: WNDU 16: New massage therapy technique helping local breast cancer patients by Maureen McFadden
Updated Blog October 30: Kerri Walsh endorses KT Tape 'Original' kinesiotape controversy
Updated Blog October 1: Opinion based on recent article about chiropractic and children September 28, 2009: News - Chronic injuries may be relieved with Graston Technique July 17, 2009: Graston Technique: Improved range of motion & nerve entrapment "Improving range of motion in breast cancer survivors" by Chris Bosak
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Updated Blog February 24: Guest Blog article "Virtual Games Causing Real Injuries" by Holly McCarthy February 17, 2009: Best of the Bay TV internet video link for ChiroWorks Care Center February 15, 2009: Best of the Bay TV spot about ChiroWorks Care Center                 
Sunday, at 3:30pm on KRON 4 (Comcast 704 HD)
Updated Blog January 12: More on Chiropractic and the Olympic athletes November 2008: San Jose Magazine Profile on the Reader's Choice Awards
Updated Blog August 9: Beijing Olympics 2008 Beach Volleyball & Kinesio Tape May 19, 2008: Disabled member login for a limited time. Feel free to explore the                
 corrective exercises such as these back exercises, health articles such as   
these relaxation techniques and even games & a children's coloring book!  

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